Monday, 29 April 2013

Flowers of Evil - Episode 4

After his outburst in front of the entire class defending Nakamura against accusations of stealing, it seems as if Kasuga's stock amongst his peers really couldn't sink any lower - neither, indeed, could his self-esteem.

However, it seems that his moment of unexpected bravery has struck a chord with somebody - Saeki no less, who commends him for being brave enough to stand up for Nakamura in such a situation.  Of course, these brief words of praise from his "angel" send Nakamura into rapture, so much so that even Nakamura's continued insistence that he abide by their "contract" doesn't particularly phase him.

Although that outburst has seen him ostracised by the rest of the class, another chance meeting with Saeki after she does her bit to show her support for him once again leads to the two chatting and, ultimately, arranging a date for that Sunday.  A joyous moment that nothing could spoil, surely... at least, not until Nakamura hears of the date.  Of course, our antagonist wants to put her own unique spin on this situation, and thus arranges to meet up with Kasuga before said date to force him into another uncomfortable and potentially compromising "dare"....

As if Flowers of Evil hasn't been uncomfortably enjoyable enough already, this week's instalment of the series really steps things up a gear by shifting Saeki from unobtainable angel to potential girlfriend material - a little too fast one could argue, but understandably so for taking us into another realm of Nakamura's twisted thinking and the abject discomfort that comes from it.  Cringing at what's developing on-screen has never been so much fun...

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