Friday, 26 April 2013

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation - Episode 4

If a reminder were needed that Hibiki and company aren't playing a game in their current roles with JP's, the fatal ending to their previous skirmish was surely it.

As Hibiki laments his inability to protect or save Keita, there's little time for reflection as an Angel... sorry, Septentrion... heads straight for the JP's base.  Although Kuze is keen to go and tackle it, he's instead told to take his place as the last line of defence against this behemoth as others go to tackle it head on - a decision which leads to a bloodbath as it crushes everything in its wake.

Eventually Hibiki simply can't take any more, and breaks ranks to head out and face-off against the Septentrion directly - another decision which looks to be ill-advised, as it becomes clear that for all of Byakko's power it's effectively useless against this particular enemy.  Not that Hibiki is the only one wielding any kind of notable power, as he finds himself replaced as the last line of defence by Nitta, who seems to have exactly what it takes to stop the Septentrion in its tracks for Byakko to finally do it some damage and win the day.  But our these school kids even fighting for the right team?

Once more, Devil Survivor 2 works well largely because of its break-neck pace - there's little time while watching to process whether the show or its plot is being stupid, as there's death, destruction and an ever-changing situation on the ground to keep track of instead.  The result is a pretty entertaining one, that admittedly rolls through a lot of cliches but still proves enjoyable in spite of them with its blend of action and drama, especially now that the stakes have been raised and it's clear that death is always just around the corner.  Again, there aren't any signs that this will be a memorable show in the long-term, but for throwaway enjoyment it's hitting the right notes.

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