Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing - Episode 19

The more things change, the more they stay the same - just as Fam's much-vaunted and cherished Grand Race ended in a death which created a downward spiral of violence, so the latest truce between the Federation and the Alliance set up to thwart them in Augusta's name falls apart thanks to the actions of Dian.

Having missed her intended target of Luscinia himself, it's instead Liliana that proves to be the victim of Dian's vengeance to the dismay of all and sundry - including, if he is to be believed, Luscinia himself, despite this assassination concisely proving his point that the only true hope of peace is to have a single entity ruling over all as one nation.

Despite any feelings of grief and remorse he may have, Liliana's death signals a resumption of the Federation's plans, and as disarray grips the Alliance he acts swiftly by commanding his own forces to leave, while taking the opportunity to kidnap Augusta and reclaim her as the Federation's own as part of his final gambit to awake the "Grand Exile" which, as the name suggests, is a fearsome weapon that is liable to make anyone who survives its onslaught tremble and kneel before it.  Is this the final victory in Luscinia's plan, or has he reckoned without Alvis Hamilton, the sole secret weapon still within the grasp of those who oppose him?

Aside from its final, immense display of firepower, this proved to be another tidily constructed and solid, if unspectacular, episode of Fam the Silver Wing - just as it was a case of all going to plan for Luscinia, so everything moved along as we would have expected it within this instalment which lent some predictability to events where it might have preferred their to be none.  Still, we seem well set up for a fascinating final couple of episodes courtesy of a true David and Goliath battle, especially now that even Fam seems to have noted the folly of her idealistic ways that have pervaded much of the series - a point of note which actually strengthens the show's take on war and the rights and wrongs of its factions within this conflict, which has grown into one of the most compelling elements of Last Exile over recent weeks.  Certainly, it may be far from perfect but I can't help but feel this show has been rather under-rated by many - it's no masterpiece but in many ways its a notable extension and new spin on the legacy of its forebear, provided it can back up what it's delivered so far with a worthy final couple of episodes.

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