Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Daily Lives of High School Boys - Episode 10

Occasionally, daily life is fraught with perils and troubles - like to what to do when you're busting to use the toilet in a shop but someone is hogging it?

Such misfortunes, and some quite literal toilet humour, fill the opening portion of this week's Daily Lives of High School Boys, be it a lack of toilet paper or simply slipping on a banana skin.  Further down the line, we get an important public safety announcement on the dangers of eating mochi too quickly, as well as a demonstration as to why you should be careful when walking on an icy pavement.

Mixed in with all of this, our "literary girl" Yassan continues her oddly tsundere relationship with Hidenori, resulting in her chasing him half-way across town while he rather bluntly leaves a note asking for his jacket (left with her previously) back, while the theft of one of the boy's wallets provides a timely reminder that the student in question doesn't know how to ride a bike.

While not the absolute heights of hilarity, this was still an amusing episode of Daily Lives of High School Boys overall - it relied a little too heavily on slapstick at times (has anyone laughed at someone slipping on a banana skin since the early 1970s?) but there were still a fair number of smiles and chuckles to be had at the antics on show here, which continue to be quite a departure from typical high school anime comedy fare to grant this series its consistently, enjoyably fresh (and ultimately decidedly laddish) perspective.

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