Monday, 19 March 2012

Amagami SS+ plus - Episode 11

Marriage is in the air as we return to Haruka Morishima's story arc in Amagami SS+ - run for your life Junichi!

Of course, given the epilogue to this particular girl's original series arc, we know exactly how that turns out, but for now Haruka is content to simply "practice" getting married, pregnancy and so on, even if practising "the stuff that happens in-between" seems to have simply passed her by.  Inevitably, there's a reason behind her obsession with marriage, as both her grandparents and a relative of hers were proposed to at the time of their graduation - a time fast approaching for Haruka.

Coincidentally, the day that this all comes to light also sees the relative in question, Jessica (who just so happens to look identical to Haruka, albeit with blonde hair and green eyes), pays Japan a visit, and after meeting Junichi she seems determined to guide him down the same route as herself and her grandparents.  But is the dim-witted Junichi going to pick up on Haruka's desire for marriage quickly enough to suit her demands?  That's a question for the next episode.

Having never particularly warmed to Haruka Morishima in the first place, it's equally difficult to love her obsession with getting married and pregnant so quickly - truth be told, it feels a little selfish, and rather a dumb idea to boot.  It also didn't really develop that much in comedy terms, aside from a little of friend Hibiki's input it was all pretty mundane stuff that won't exactly live long in the memory, even by Amagami SS+'s own standards.

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