Monday, 12 March 2012

Future Diary - Mirai Nikki - Episode 21

After a break last week, the assault on Eleventh commences, with Yuno doing an impressing job of drawing attention to herself while Yukiteru pulls the strings on the operation.

Between the pair of them, it seems as if nobody will be able to stop this duo as they rescue any hotages while generally making a mess of Eleventh's plans.  Or have they?  As Yukkii stumbles across a branch of the "Gasai Bank", it seems that the mayor of Sakurami City has another card up his sleeve - a huge, impenetrable bank vault which makes for a perfect hiding place from rampaging teenagers.  While Yukiteru and Uryuu make it through the first door of the vault easily enough, there's no way of breaching the second...

...which seems like the perfect cue for Minene to turn her gun on Yukiteru as vengeance for both Nishijima's death and the loss of her own eye.  Decrying Yukkii's plans to become a God merely to bring his parents back to life, Uryuu discusses her own life and childhood without parents as she corners and tracks down her prey - a side-track to her thought processes which proves deadly, giving Yukiteru the opportunity he needs to side-step her attentions and win this particular dog eat dog battle, much to Ninth's admiration.  This still leaves the problem of what to do about Eleventh, although our supposed imposter Yuno appears to have the answer to this, leaving only Eighth and, of course, Yuno herself seemingly standing in the way of Yukiteru's deification.  He'd better hurry though, as the entire world begins to collapse under Deus ex Machina's ailing health.

Although I'm tempted to write that this isn't a particularly crazy episode by Mirai Nikki's standards, that still makes it a crazy instalment by any other normal measurements so that's hardly a cause for complaint.  Once again, the signature twists and turns so beloved of this series were here to enjoy to the fullest, with the cat and mouse stand-off between Uryuu and Yukiteru working well for the most part despite being obliterated in terms of importance compared to the big questions once again brought about by this episode - just who the Hell are Akise and Yuno, and what are their true aims?  It seems like there's a lot to be revealed before this series comes to an end, and I have high hopes for a suitably epic (and of course suitably bonkers) finale.

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Awet M said...

Agreed. Another fantastic entry in the growing legend that is Mirai Nikki: 4 manga chapters readily consumed, with one or two hiccups, and an excellent conclusion to the Eleventh arc while setting up the next story arc.