Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Daily Lives of High School Boys - Episode 9

Hidenori's brother Yuusuke seems to have found himself a girlfriend as this latest episode of Daily Lives of High School Boys kicks off - the trouble is, the girl in question seems to have neglected to complete the formality of actually confessing to or even asking him about the matter.  Then again, is there anyone better out there for Yoshitake's sister in Yuusuke's directory of perverts?

From there, we get to see the events book-ending a beautiful summer for Hidenori, which begins with him being kicked into a lake by a girl named Emi and ends with the possibility of a confession from her - a holiday romance which, of course, he manages to destroy by saving the wrong thing at the wrong time.  The poor guy doesn't seem to have much luck with glasses either - cue the traditional joke of not telling someone that their glasses are balanced on their head while they're frantically looking for them.

Meanwhile, the school's student council have lots of important work to do - looking through the list of requests left for them by various aspects of the school (and, bizarrely, other schools entirely), deciding where to go and eat, and inviting Ringo over so they can peek at her underwear.  This is, needless to say, a shameful act which no real high school boy would ever entertain.  Finally, the funky high school girls reminisce about a darker time, and the elementary school terrors of Habara.

All of these sketches combine to create a reasonably strong episode of Daily Lives of High School Boys - not as laugh out loud funny as some previous instalments but with an overall fun factor that kept things moving along nicely, while all of its skits were both amusing enough and sufficiently well-paced to make the episode breeze by.  By this juncture, we pretty much know what to expect from the series each week, which thwarts its sense of "freshness" that struck me at the start of its run, but the fact that it continues to entertain despite this is great news in and of itself.

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