Friday, 2 March 2012

Amagami SS+ plus - Episode 9

We journey ten months down the line from the original series for this latest story arc of Amagami SS+ plus, which returns to the tale of Sae Nakata - it seems that she's developed rather nicely thanks to her budding relationship with Junichi too, with increased confidence and am impressive resume when it comes to wearing animal costumes.  In fact, you'd bear-ly recognise her from her old self.

Thus, things are going grandly indeed as we rejoin this couple, with the biggest concern facing Tachibana proving to be Sae's increasing popularity amongst his fellow students, which leaves them wondering who on Earth the guy hanging around him all the time might be.  Unfortunately for Junichi, his attempts to prove himself unequivocally as Nakata's boyfriend don't work out particularly well.

In the midst of all this happiness comes a shot through the heart for Junichi, with sudden news that Sae is attending a marriage meeting at the behest of her parents.  Rather than risk losing his beloved girlfriend, Junichi rushes off with sister to Miya to save the day, only to find that his sister has completely mis-heard the entire thing, and she is in-fact taking her dog out to meet a like-minded pup.  Emergency over, it seems that Junichi finally has an opportunity to make himself useful to Sae, as she finds herself voted the president of the Founder's Festival Committee.  I can think of better teachers in such a situation, but oh well...

If nothing else, this week's Amagami SS+ plus was a veritable cuteness overload - if its opening scene of Sae wearing a bear costume and generally being adorable enough, we were served up cute puppies and the like to make this perhaps the sweetest episode of the series yet when coupled with Junichi's doting attitude towards Sae.  There were also some funny moments to be found here, at least some of which were provided by the employment of a narrator for this arc, to make for an episode which entertained despite focusing on one of my least favourite girls (if only because her voice irritates me) - a fact which counts as a small but notable triumph in my book.

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