Friday, 30 March 2012

Amagami SS+ plus - Episode 13 (Completed)

Having enjoyed his renaissance with all of the series' girls, it's time for Junichi to take a back seat for Amagami SS+'s finale so that the real star of the show can take  to the stage - that being his sister Miya Tachibana, of course.

That said, this particular episode is a chance to enjoy all of the show's leading ladies one final time, in the form of a good, old-fashioned hot springs episode.  With a lavish new hot spring complex opening nearby and sporting a special offer to visiting females, it's no surprise to find girls aplenty visiting.

What a hot springs resort it is too, with baths specially formulated to make your boobs bigger (I wonder if that bath is ever open to men?), a sauna for youthful rejuvenation and even a bath fashioned after ramen for... well, for people who want to bathe in their favourite foodstuff, I guess.  The rest of the episode writes itself really as a love letter to the female breast and the ever-present desire of their owners (in anime land at least) to make them bigger.  It's utterly, utterly daft even by Amagami SS' standards, but hey - what else did you expect from this episode?

So comes to a close this romantic comedy sequel series which pretty much proves exactly why most shows of this ilk end before any of its relationships become concrete or serious in any way - because it can be bloody boring to watch.  Okay, certain elements of each story arc were quite fun and it was enjoyable to revisit the particulars of some of the girls, but shorn of the "will they, won't they" drama of the original series Amagami SS+ struggled to manufacture any drama, tension or concern with the framework of its stories of otherwise perfectly happy couples.  Without those worries, there was ultimately very little to allow this series to stand out of the crowd - no kissing the back of a girl's knee, no girls turning into miso soup and so on - and as a result this was an utterly forgettable outing that serves as nothing other than entirely ephemeral entertainment.  Mind you, were we expecting anything else from the series?


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