Monday, 25 July 2011

YuruYuri - Episode 4

YuruYuri's fourth episode returns to much of the material seeded during its second instalment - namely the rivalry-cum-romance between the student council president Ayano and Kyoko.

More specifically, with exam season beginning Ayano is well and truly focused on winning her bet with Kyoko to be the higher scoring of the two in these tests, even if she isn't exactly sure quite what she's fighting so hard for.  While all of her efforts pay off as she tops the leaderboard with her test scores, it all turns out to be something of a Phyrric victory thanks to Kyoko making no effort at all as she has more important things to worry about - namely working on doujinshi.

With this immediate rivalry somewhat resolved, it's time to move on to the inevitable beach episode - it's almost shocking that it actually took them four episodes to reach this point in the series, truth be told.  Of course, there are breast comparisons to be made and lesbian fantasies to be indulged in by Chitose as they play games, splash around and enjoy some fireworks, even if those aforementioned lesbian fantasies do result in some major blood loss for the student council vice-president.

If nothing else, I have to commend this episode for its self-aware, fourth wall breaking moment when "we" (or our cameraman) reaching for a tissue when the first hint of a beach episode arrives early in the episode - it somehow almost made delving down this clichéd route acceptable, especially given that said tissues were on hand in a similarly fourth-wall breaking fashion for the entirety of that segment of the episode.  Aside from that, there were a few smiles to be had, but again this was an episode that didn't have a huge amount to offer that we haven't seen done better elsewhere before, and probably done better without so much tiringly repetitive sexual content either.  YuruYuri might be more consistent in its comedy and overall outlook than Nichijou, but that doesn't make it a good comedy anime in its own right either - not that I'm sure it's trying to do much more than plough its mediocre furrow for all that it's worth.

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