Monday, 18 July 2011

YuruYuri - Episode 3

The previous episode of YuruYuri seemed to get rather obsessed with the "yuri" side of its title to the detriment of everything else within this slice of life series - thankfully, its lesbian tendencies seem to have been reigned in somewhat this week.

After avoiding arriving for class late but nonetheless getting into trouble for forgetting her homework, Kyoko finds herself at the centre of a dicussion about how to remember things which somehow ends up with her pondering about Chinatsu's and (more importantly) Akari's hair, with the latter taking a decidedly Azumanga Daioh-esque turn.

From this point forth, the remainder of the episode revolves around the revelation that Yui is now living alone in her own apartment (not much of a revelation as it seems to be the normal amongst kids in anime, but anyway...), which of course leads to the Kyoko inviting herself around to take a look before the others are also invited along for an afternoon of general joviality at their friend's place before Kyoko decides that spending the night would be the natural, friendly thing to do.

After losing itself in sapphic lust last week, this third episode is at least a return to form for YuruYuri - okay, it's hardly twenty-four carat comedy gold, but it raised a few smiles and the series as a whole seems a lot more fun when it isn't constantly obsessed by forbidden fantasies, relegating it to the odd moment here and there this week which makes it all far more palatable.  Of course, this isn't really enough to promote the series above the realms of "just another slice of life schoolgirl comedy", but it might just be enough to keep it out of my dreaded pile of dropped anime for the time being - let's see what it can muster over the next week or two.

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