Sunday, 24 July 2011

Blood-C - Episode 3

Are we sitting down to watch Blood-C every week to watch a discussion of cakes and coffee?  Of course not - if only the series would actually wake up and realise that...

As it is, this third instalment once again suffers from the ravages of "Star Driver disease", as it spends the entire first half of its episode following Saya as she eats with her dad, plays with that dog which keeps cropping up again, chats with her teacher and then goes off to eat cake of Guimauve with her friends.  Yes, Saya leads a double life, we get it Production I.G.

Finally, the last ten minutes of the episode brings us to the point of the episode - a missing baker from the neighbourhood, who seems to have been the latest target of the "Elder Bairns" as they lure him out to a delap;idated train station and then chop him to bits for whatever reason.  Rather oddly, Saya makes no attempt to try and save the "hypnotised" man, instead leaving him to his gruesome fate before choosing to take on this week's monster, which she despatches in bloody fashion naturally.  The dying beasts seems to make a proclamation to Saya before shuffling off its mortal coil, but what does it mean?

In fact, what does anything going on in this series mean?  At the moment, all of its action is just there to look cool whilst almost completely stripped of any context, while all of the slice of life stuff seems essentially pointless at this juncture as we know exactly what Saya and her circumstances are like, so to call it flogging a dead horse is charitable.  Unless things get fleshed out pretty damn quickly, Blood-C is looking set to be the summer's huge disappointment - just looking pretty and throwing together some half-decent action scenes does not a good anime make.  But hey, at least it has one of the summer's cooler opening tunes I suppose.

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