Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Steins;Gate - Episode 14

Last week's episode of Steins;Gate poured an unheard of amount of grief directly into Okabe's heart, despite his best efforts and intentions.... not that even these events seem to have deterred him.

Despite the failures of his previous attempts, Okabe continues to leap back in time again and again in an attempt to save Mayuri, failing to do so again and again despite ever single plan he can muster.  Even after all of this, he refuses to chalk his friend's death up to mere fate and simply keeps on trying until he nears breaking point - a decision that ironically leaves him in a mental state where things actually begin to work in his favour, as Makise is finally concerned enough about him to confront him directly about what he's seen.

Thus, Okabe now has Makise's assistance in the race to save Mayuri, while he also holds some more cards as far as his knowledge of Moeka and her group thanks to one of his time leaping escapades.  Thanks to Kurisu's more level-headed and detached approach, she manoeuvres Okabe into time leaping a little further back in time before setting him the task of approaching and convincing her of his origins from the near future just after she completes the time machine in question.  As Okabe muses over how to save Mayuri with Kurisu at this point, he finds himself with another able assistant to aid him in his course - Amane, who not only explains how it would be possible to save Mayuri by moving between entire, discrete world lines, but also finally introduces herself and who she really is.

Having finished this episode, I could easily be convinced that I've just leapt through time myself - no way was this episode twenty or so minutes long, as so engrossed was I in it that it felt more like five minutes at most.  Now we've reached the business end of the series it really is proving to be an anime par excellence - entertaining and with traces of humour, but still with a sharp mind and love of time travel science (and science fiction) to make it utterly, utterly fascinating.  Right now, I can't get enough of Steins;Gate.

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