Friday, 29 July 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum - Episode 4

So, Himari is now friends with Ringo - a twist of the fate of which this series is so fond that at least makes life easier for Shouma and Kabna when it comes to following their "target".

Indeed, come this fourth episode of Mawaru Penguindrum the two brothers have Ringo's plans laid on a plate for them, as she looks to Himari to help her plan a bird-watching "date" with Tabuki and, more importantly, create a suitably fabulous lunch to win him over with.  While Kanba seemingly has other fish to fry, it's left to Shouma to accompany Ringo for the day in the hope of finding out more about the Penguindrum.

Unfortunately, pretty much all Shouma finds out during the course of this "date" is that the entire world seems to be conspiring against Ringo's plans, whether it's an escaped skunk, hungry crows or pesky caterpillars.  Still, even all of these setbacks don't appear to halt Ringo's enthusiasm for her task, and despite Tabuki being accompanied by the beautiful Yuki Tokikago and summarily ruin all of Ringo's well-planned delusions she still follows her "destiny" through to the bitter again with the aim of getting a kiss from Tabuki by 4PM.  She certainly gets her kiss at the prescribed time, but unbeknownst to her it isn't from quite the party she was expecting....

As another episode drifts by in a largely entertaining but faintly ridiculous fashion, we still really aren't too sure where Mawaru Penguindrum is actually heading - Ringo's diary remains something of a mystery, and one which gains distinctly malicious overtones as this week's instalment draws to a close.  If nothing else, it seems that fate is binding Ringo, Kanba and Shouma together in some intriguing ways that don't look likely to become any simpler any time soon.  Still, that's fine by me as I continue to be amused by our slapstick trio of invisible penguins, and even Ringo's disintegrating delusions had some comedy value to them - even if any deeper analysis of fate and destiny all proves to be for naught, we can't say that the journey along its various stops so far hasn't been fun.

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