Monday, 25 July 2011

Sacred Seven - Episode 4

It's school festival time as we hit Sacred Seven's fourth episode - an event which is usually code in Sunrise language for "this episode is going to be a bit daft".

While Ruri is looking forward to said school festival immensely (perhaps a little too much, you could say), the threat of Darkstones is never far away, and Hellbrick soon has some bad news for Kagami, as it seems that a Darkstone has just infiltrated the school grounds.  Thankfully, it's only a small and relatively weak one, leading Kagami to decide to take it on alone rather than alarming his master and raising the possibility of the school festival being cancelled.

Eventually, Alma also gets wind of the issue at hand, and thus chooses to lend his own powers to the hunt for the Darkstone, having to con Ruri into powering him up in the process.  From here, the race is on to find the Darkstone in question before it does any real damage, while both Kagami and Alma have to do their darndest not to have the truth about them revealed in front of the whole school, leading to a rather elaborate process to cover up the issues which inevitably arise from them chasing around the school with a "power suit" and a mecha.

As per any correct assumptions based upon its featuring a school festival, this is a slightly wacky episode of Sacred Seven that keeps any real sense of threat to a bare minimum so it can have a little fun with its characters and school setting while also really pushing hard at progressing the relationship between Ruri and Alma a bit.  Oddly, this actually worked quite well, making for an unspectacular but fun episode that arguably worked better than the series taking itself too seriously as it has been up to this point.  Then again, maybe it's just that I'm a sucker for Megumi Nakajima's voice so I'm more willing to let silliness slide.  Oh well, back to my Ranka Lee art book...

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