Sunday, 10 July 2011

Hanasaku Iroha - Episode 15

Having proved that its beach episode was far more than just that last episode, the inn being stayed at by our school field trip guests was in quite a tight spot thanks to its team of part-time waitresses quitting on the spot, while all of a sudden things also seemed to be on the rocks between Yuina and her fiancé as she reveals that working at an inn is the last thing on her mind.

Given the complete shortage of waitresses, we probably shouldn't be surprised to see Ohana cropping up to offer her own services - an offer which is duly refused; she is a guest at the inn after all.  Thus, Ohana and company duly set off to enjoy a day of free time as part of their field trip, but after bumping into the waitresses who quit on their travels Ohana still can't get the problems back at the inn off her mind and thus returns to offer her help once again.

It soon seems that Ohana isn't the only one with such a kind heart, as she soon finds herself joined by Nako and Minko, before a breakdown of the inn's robotic delivery system (it never rains but it pours, huh?) sees Ohana of all people providing a smart idea as even some of her classmates help to realise her plan.  Hell, even Yuina rolls up her sleeves and provides some assistance, even if it's only to prove a point to her would-be fiancé about her own ability to work (and perhaps more importantly to deflect some attention and praise from him towards Ohana her way).  By the end of it all, disaster is averted, the guests are fed and bathed, and it's a job well done that leaves everyone looking pretty cheerful it has to be said.

It may have been a little unspectacular and low-key in its drama compared to where I thought it might be headed, but this ultimately turned out to be a fun, light-hearted and feel-good story arc that did more than enough to keep me entertaining while also suggested some important areas of growth for Ohana... and no, I'm not talking about seeing her in the bath.  There really isn't a lot more to say than that - Hanasaku Iroha continues to be visually gorgeous much of the time, but it's ultimately its roster of characters that really tend to shine to my mind.

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