Sunday, 19 June 2011

Tiger & Bunny - Episode 12

Come the end of last week's episode of Tiger & Bunny, Origami Cyclone seemed to be in rather a tight spot as the infiltrator of the recently released Jake Martinez's secret hideout, and this indeed proves to be the case as episode twelve kicks off.

Despite having been found out, his sterling efforts have at least revealed the home of said secret hideout, and while the powers that be wait for a further report from Cyclone (unaware of his current predicament), the other heroes are dispatched to the area on standby, while Barnaby is sent in to check out the layout of the area alone.  At least, that's the plan, except Wild Tiger doesn't trust his colleagues short temper when it comes to the man who killed his parents, and thus his meddling sees the heroes cover blown as Jake makes good his escape.

Then again, "escape" isn't really the right word, as Jake Martinez'snext target is too kill his imprisoned henchman Chuck before paying a little visit to the Mayor with his next demands - an opportunity to eradicate the heroes he sees as an embarrassment to the name "NEXT" via a series of one-on-one fights with Jake himself - all broadcast live on television to the whole of Stern Bild of course.  Given the seemingly all-encompassing nature of Jake's powers, it seems impossible that anyone can defeat him, with Sky High, Rock Bison and Wild Tiger all trying and failing.  Next on the list of opponents is Barnaby.... can he really be the man to save the city as the stakes are raised yet higher?

It might use ideas and concepts that feel decidedly old hat and like the cartoons of your youth at its core, but that doesn't stop Tiger & Bunny from being utterly compelling viewing at times like this as it ratchets things up for a tense mid-series climax.  This is helped somehow by the whole concept of everything of note within the series being broadcast live on TV, which adds more to the show's scenario than it perhaps should, adding to the natural tension of these one-on-one battles between heroes and the current villain of the piece.  It's great stuff with plenty of entertaining value, unoriginal or otherwise.

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