Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Steins;Gate - Episode 12

The nearing completion of their time leap machine, with the ability to transfer human memories back in time by up to forty-eighty hours with a little help from the Large Hadron Collider, should be a time of celebration for the Future Gadget Lab... in fact, it is a cause for celebration, except Okabe isn't exactly in the party mood.

Indeed, while life carries on as normal (well, as normal as it gets for this group), Okabe continues to fret about the recently received threats on his phone, to the point where he decides to take a step back when the time comes to test this new time leap machine, deciding instead that they should hand their work over to a relevant organisation rather than experiment using it themselves.

With Mayuri in particular exceptionally relieved by this, the group's time to celebrate seems to well and truly have come, although the festivities are tempered somewhat by Amane's appearance as she once again labels Makise a spy and suggests that she knows more about this fellow lab member's future actions and intentions than even Makise herself.  Still, after all this flashes over the fun continues, until things suddenly get decidedly weird - the trains in the area stop, as do both watches and other timing devices in Okabe's "laboratory".  This weirdness is nothing however compared to the appearance of a team of armed men just after Amane makes a panic-driven escape - a group seemingly controlled by a familiar face, and moreover a face who has little problem in bringing this instalment to a shocking conclusion.

Really, it's hard to know what to say after the climax to this episode - we knew something was coming, but I think it's fair to say that I wasn't quite expecting that.  Still, at last we've reached the "serious business" stage of Steins;Gate, and as enjoyable as though Okabe and company's daft antics have been this is, ultimately, what we're here to see.  I wouldn't even want to begin to second guess what's going to happen next (or even the relevance of Mayuri's opening monologue this week and whether it should be taken literally or simply as a dream), but I do want to see the next episode.  Now.  You cruel, cruel, wonderful cliff-hanger making bastards, you.

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