Saturday, 18 June 2011

Deadman Wonderland - Episode 10

Deadman Wonderland's last episode saw Scar Chain's plans thrown first into disarray and then tatters, as Rokuro revealed his deception, Nagi had a decidedly uncomfortable meeting with an Undertaker and Shiro had to save the day once again by throwing away the so-called data chip that was in fact nothing more than a time bomb.

The trouble is, nobody involved in that particular event seems to know this... certainly, Scar Chain's members seem too dumb to realise that a USB key that causes a massive explosion might not be a USB key at all, and so the blame falls squarely on Shiro's shoulders for "ruining everything" - so much so that Ganta contracts temporary Kamijou Touma disease and punches her squarely in the face as they have a rather major falling out.

Still, despite this failure (and Ganta's incessant whining), a decent chunk of Scar Chain's members are still alive and kicking - not least Karako, who inexplicably survived a fall to her death, while Nagi is still in the land of the living but serving as a "guest" to the Undertakers who want him to join their group.  This is something they're willing to go to any lengths to succeed at, as they drug Nagi while Rokuro and some more rather grisly Undertakers set out to take Scar Chain members hostage and systematically kill them until Nagi submits to their request.  This side of the plan, however, doesn't quite go to plan, as Crow takes on Shiro's "saviour of the week" mantle to pop up and kill the Undertakers in question, demonstrating a nifty new ability (which makes no real sense, but hey ho) in the process.  Still, at least Shiro has herself a new friend, albeit (surprise, surprise) another hugely mentally unstable one.

Whilst there are quite a few items of interest "in flight" as we move towards the final episodes of Deadman Wonderland, any sense of intrigue has rather been tempered by the ridiculous nature of so much of what we see now - both characters and situations are overblown to the point of near parody, becoming either ridiculous (Rokuro's behaviour this episode) or plain stupid (the abandoned baby turned monster Undertaker).  You know you aren't really supposed to be laughing at this series most of the time, but you just can't help it - to be fair, Deadman Wonderland is still fun to watch, just perhaps not in the way it intends to be fun to watch I would wager.

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