Saturday, 25 June 2011

Deadman Wonderland - Episode 11

Having fallen out with Shiro and with Scar Chain's plans in tatters, Ganta is distraught at the thought of his own shortcomings.... yeah I know, I know, what else is new?

Still, at least this time around Ganta has decided (albeit through his tears) to do something about it, which leads him to the proverbial doorstep of Crow in the hope of learning about the supersonic manipulation of his own Branches of Sin ability.  Given Ganta's determination, Crow is happy to help, even if it involves destroying all of Ganta's candy in the name of motivation.  Despite this, and with little help coming from his introduction to Sakigami Toto aka Mockingbird, Ganta seems unable to show any progress in the use of his own Branches of Sin as anaemia threatens to overcome him, until one final effort sees his "Ganta bullet" breaking the sound barrier.

That may be mission accomplished, but with a drunken Shiro wandering around after scoffing too many liqueurs and Karako choosing to go after a still-missing Nagi alone, needless to say these two end up getting themselves into hot water with the Undertakers who manage to overpower them both easily - who is left to save them now?  With the rest of Scar Chain focusing on their own mission and leaving Ganta to his own devices, it's up to our whiny hero to save the day... something he looks set to fail miserably at only to saved by Minatsuki before he really does threaten to come a cropper on account of that aforementioned anaemia after using his Branches of Sin too readily with Crow.  Still, at least Nagi is alive, well and perfectly sane.  Actually, it proves that perhaps there are times when it's better not to be sane in Deadman Wonderland....

Somehow, after so many daft goings-on in recent episodes it almost feels as though Deadman Wonderland has gotten everything out of its system (well, discounting getting drunk on liqueurs perhaps), which makes for a solid if overblown (as always) episode that worked okay without entering the realms of the spectacular.  The biggest problem for the series at this juncture looks set to be the fact that it's simply going to run out of episodes - with only one instalment left to go, it seems hard to envisage things being left in any state that could be called satisfactory when the series ends next week, leaving fans to play the "pray for a second season" game.  Certainly, it'll be interesting to see if there's sufficient interest in Japan for another season to get the green light - I imagine a lot will be relying on sales of those uncensored Blu-Rays...

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