Sunday, 5 June 2011

Hanasaku Iroha - Episode 10

After running around like a thing possessed for the past episode or two, it's not exactly surprising that all of the hard work and efforts Ohana have thrown at her work have come back to bite her in the form of illness, as she finds herself feverish and completely out of it come the beginning of this episode.

Despite feeling under the weather, it takes until Ohana outright flakes out in a corridor after another early start before she's finally confined to bed, although even then she simply refuses to stay still and rest for too long, frequently getting up to wander about before being put back to bed by whoever visits her.  While everyone is concerned about her getting well soon, it's tellingly Tohru who seems to get the most worked up about it - let's just say that he seems to be "noticing" her a whole lot more after recent events.

As for Ohana herself, her reluctance to rest is soon surpassed by an even bigger concern for her, as her 'flu-addled brain interprets the fact that life is going on at Kissuiso as per normal without her as a sign that she's simply not needed at all, leading to her seriously considering the possibility of leaving the inn and returning home.  Thus, we get to see a decidedly vulnerable side to Ohana for once - a side stripped of her usual energy and belief that everything will work out; a nice extension to her character, before Minko and Nako managed to persuade her that she's still an all-important part of the Kissuiso team.

Really, it's this character-building in terms of rounding out another side of Ohana's personality that really takes the front row seat here.... well, okay, it's probably Tohru's interest in Ohana which is the most important but there's a part of me that doesn't like the way that particular aspect of the plot has been developed and thus I'm pushing it to the back of mind.  Anyhow, getting my thoughts back on track, seeing Ohana's weakness only makes her all the more likeable in my book - an important fact in my book, given that Ohana's bubbly yet believable character is still the show's greatest asset.  While this wasn't the show's greatest episode by any stretch of the imagination, it continues to be very much worth watching for just these reasons as it continues moving forward towards its half-way point.

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