Sunday, 5 June 2011

Tiger & Bunny - Episode 10

If it's tough being a superhero, then it's even tougher being a dad - a lesson which Wild Tiger continues to learn as episode ten of Tiger & Bunny opens.  What better time to take some holiday then?

Unfortunately, it seems that the organisers behind our group of superheroes don't really seem to have figured out the best way to organise their rota, meaning that they allow the entire staff of NEXT minus Barnaby take time off at the exact same time - not the smartest idea in itself, and one that becomes even more short-sighted when it appears that Barnaby has finally tracked down the man responsible for killing his parents and rushes off to see him in prison rather than worrying overly about his superhero duties.

Luckily, when the inevitable does happen and a crime does occur, it happens literally in front of Wild Tiger's eyes, with a terrorist act of blowing up a bridge followed by a number of other similar explosions that would push the abilities of our superheroes to come to the limit as it is - things only get worse at each location however as the site of each act is accompanies by a number of mechanised attack vehicles piloted by stuffed toys.  No, I'm not making that up, they really are piloted by children's playthings.  Of course, there's only one mastermind behind this entire terrorist outrage, and the individual in question seems to have one very specific demand - a demand which is of more than a passing interest to Barnaby...

Despite raising my eyes at the whole "stuffed toys piloting robots" angle of the episode (which is a little too ridiculous even for a series about people with superpowers), what looked for a spell to be a diversion from the show's current main story arc surrounding the killer of Barnaby's parents proved to be anything but courtesy of a slick turn-around to well and truly link the two stories together while also introducing us to perhaps the show's biggest villain so far.  This seems to be setting things up quite nicely for the episodes to come, and although I can see where some aspects of this story are going I wouldn't want to wager on whether Barnaby's investigation gets resolved before we move into the second half of the series, or whether it's a plot point that's here to stay for the duration.  Either option is fine by me to be honest as long as the series remains this entertaining, even if it could do with losing those bears...

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