Sunday, 12 June 2011

Tiger & Bunny - Episode 11

With the Ouroboros revealed via a particularly dastardly plan which literally threatens to collapse Stern Build in upon itself (the designer of which clearly never played Sim City), our batch of superheroes have been stitched up like kippers, unable to do anything with the entire city taken hostage with the leader of the group demanding that the killer of Barnaby's parents (amongst others no doubt) Jake Martinez be released.

So, what to do in this scenario?  After a lot of sitting around waiting, Blue Rose and Sky High at least get to head out and try and protect the citizens as Ouroboros destroy the first structure that holds up the city, whilst an increasingly frustrated Barnaby can do nothing more than impatiently watch.  However, things take a turn for the better as a member of Ouroboros waltzes into the mayor's meeting room to try and hurry things along - at last, our superheroes have a plan...

At the centre of their attempt to turn the situation in their favour is Origami Cyclone, who at last gets to make good use of his abilities to impersonate the captured Ouroboros member, piloting the helicopter which picks up Jake Martinez as the mayor announces his release.  From here, they fly back to their secret base while the mayor looks to regain the support of the people by announcing the full story of Barnaby's plight to the city.  Although Martinez's release hasn't seen the armoured units ready to destroy the city at will retreat just yet, it seems as though the powers of good for Stern Build have the upper hand.... or do they?

After setting up its stall in a reasonable but slightly unsatisfactory way last week, Tiger & Bunny certainly made the most of its setup this time around, meshing Barnaby's personal grudge into the city's wider worries very nicely in a surprising twist, while there's a huge amount still left to be revealed about both Ouroboros and Jake Martinez before what will surely be some kind of showdown between himself and our titular Mr. Bunny.  In short, we're all set up for a rip-roaring climax to the first half of the series.

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