Thursday, 19 August 2010

Strike Witches 2 - Episode 7

Given the fact that the original series of the already daft Strike Witches chose episode seven for its most fan service-laden instalment, and judging by its preview last week, I was very much expecting a similar ride for this seventh episode of Strike Witches 2. Along those lines I certainly wasn't disappointed. No, wait, I was disappointed - Indeed, this episode managing to top even its predecessor from the first series in terms of cobbling together a ridiculous plot.

The whole problem starts courtesy of Lucchini doing a little bit of early morning bug hunting outside, which includes her discovering a rather unusual and shiny little critter which she adds to her jar of goodies. Of course, this "bug" can only be one thing, and so it's no surprise when it escapes and starts tripping out the power all around the building.

What is surprising, and in fact makes no sense at all, is that this Neuroi bug also seems to have a predilection for crawling into the pants of any girl it can find, making it this show's equivalent of John Terry I suppose. Anyhow, this incredibly stupid plot point (coupled with a newly opened bath) serves as little more than an excuse for the girls to take their pants off a lot. Hurrah, I guess.

There really isn't anything more to be said about this episode - It was stupid (dare I say it was pants?), but if you watch this show for the fan service then you'll doubtless be delighted. If you're watching for the plot instead then... well, you probably shouldn't be watching Strike Witches 2 solely for its plot, but you'll be summarily disappointed anyway.


Anonymous said...

wait, there is a plot ?

Hanners said...

Something about invading aliens I think - I forget...

Anonymous said...

Actually, there is a certain logic.

The bugs are sensitive to magic as well as electricity. The strike witches have two obvious loci of mystic power: their backside (where their tails sprout) and their ears.

One imagines that their underwear, from close proximity to their tails, and also due to its exact location at the arc between the striker units, picks up a magical charge.

Hence the bugs are attracted to it.

Back to getting a life now...