Friday, 27 August 2010

HEROMAN - Episode 22

With their immediate enemy vanquished last week, episode twenty-two of HEROMAN finds a little time.... well, okay, plenty of time for teenage angst and worry in lieu of any major progress with its plot.

Most of this angst comes courtesy of Joey, who finds himself pondering the legacy of his father in light of his inability to save Psy from injury in their last confrontation. Thus, we finally get a full appraisal of how his father died after a mining accident where he saved all of his comrades at the sake of his own life. This seems like pretty cut and dried hero material in most people's book, but not for Holly who still seems to hate her father, giving this episode ample room to explore why she feels this way before resolving the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Lina is also feeling the weight of her worries upon her shoulders, not least regarding Will, who makes what he suggests is his final appearance to Lina for what seems like little more than another excuse to get in the way of any relationship between Lina and Joey, while also spilling the beans on the meeting between himself and Joey what seems like so long ago now.

While it's admittedly quite nice to explore these aspects of the show's back story, and it was all done pretty well and with the requisite amount of emotion, I can't help but think this wasn't really the best time to do it - with only four episodes to go now, it doesn't feel as if there's sufficient time to wrap everything up nicely, making this descent into "emo" behaviour for an entire episode seem a little wasteful. Hopefully I'm wrong and everything has been planned out impeccably, but after several weeks of episodes which have staunchly refused to join the dots I'm hungry for someone to take their pen and draw me the full picture. This appears to be all set up to occur next episode, so let's hope it isn't too little too late for the second half of this series.

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