Thursday, 12 August 2010

HEROMAN - Episode 20

Somebody is going around abducting things in Center City - first it was cows and other animals, but now it seems that actual people are its next target. After one particular man goes missing after a strange road traffic accident right in front of his young daughter (who sees a strange "demon" with red eyes), Professor Denton sets out to investigate, making sure Joey and Psy tag along to do all of the menial work.

Denton's focus seems to be on the soil around the area of the latest abduction, but as he races off to check out something else so the Professor himself goes missing. After a few days with no sign of him, of course Joey and Psy set out to investigate, only to find themselves "assisted" by the former's sister, Holly.

For all of the serious tone of that synopsis, it's hard to describe this episode of HEROMAN as anything other than filler sandwiched between two slices of plot. These abductions clearly look set to tie in to Will's re-appearance a few weeks back, and this current storyline is also preparing to bring Agent Hughes back into the fray, but to get to that we have to sit through a whole lot of Holly playing detective, and doing something of a good job despite goofing around and trying to drum up a little bit of humour throughout this instalment. Certainly, her detective work seems to be more impressive than her comic potential.

I really hope this story is going somewhere, as HEROMAN seems to have frittered away a lot of the energy it was carrying just a few short weeks ago. Those island shenanigans were okay albeit nothing to write home about, but this instalment was not far off being just plain boring. Hopefully now the show has gotten this out of its system we can get to the crux of the matter and start exploring some more exciting and interesting elements of the plot.

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