Thursday, 5 August 2010

HEROMAN - Episode 19

With their supposed vacation well and truly cut short by an attack from random evil tentacle things, this nineteenth episode of HEROMAN finds the group in rather a tight spot - Not only have they mostly been separated, but even worse Heroman himself is nowhere to be found.

This leaves Joey with the task of protecting Lina and the research scientist they've picked up along the way alone, and thankfully he's up to the task courtesy of the powers granted him by his controller. Indeed, it seems as though Joey is well and truly up to taking the lead and solving this problem all by himself... outwardly at least, whereas internally he feels decidedly naked without Heroman at his side.

We're soon treated to an explanation as to what these killer vines are all about, and needless to say it's all part of a government research project on a biological weapon which has gotten out of hand. The only way to stop the vines is to destroy their power source, and so that's exactly what Joey sets out to the do in the face of suggestions that they should head for the island's air strip, although not before locating and rescuing Heroman. Once the entire group are reunited, an assault on the vines power source begins, bringing us our usual dose of Heroman-centric action as they save the day once again. Hurrah!

The one thing that still isn't explained to us at the end of this particular story arc is whether it has anything to do with the show's wider plot - I'd like to think that there is, and there seems to be a hint or two in that general direction, but it's difficult to be certain (especially when the next episode preview looks even more daft than this current story). This slightly disjointed feel from the major plot device served up a couple of episodes back still bugs me a little, and the vines weren't exactly the most fascinating of enemies no matter their abilities, but this instalment did about as much as it could with the concept I guess while still leaving it open to tie into more important matters. I'm still left itching to get back to the heart of the matter regarding Will though, and no matter how I frame it this felt a little too much like a distraction from that to me.

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