Monday, 2 August 2010

Occult Academy - Episode 5

After subjecting Fumiaki to all sorts last time around, it appears as though the torch of slapstick punishment has been passed on to Kozue for episode five of Occult Academy, as her desperation to experience the occult for herself reaches new heights.

Of course, strictly speaking Kozue has already experienced something supernatural on two occasions, but that isn't enough for her, as she wants an experience that she can actually see and witness with her own eyes. Thus, much of this episode is occupied with Kozue's ill-considered and frankly disastrous attempts to bring some kind of supernatural phenomena or other to her doorstep, only to see them all fail miserably.

This looks set to change though as she ends up in a lesson which is the stable of any good school education, and something which I'm sure we've all participated in - A near-death experience. Well, my school days often felt like a near-death experience at least. Anyway, Kozue volunteers for this particular experience, and it does indeed look likely to be a life-changing one for her... so life-changing that we're left with something of a cliff-hanger as this story extends into a second episode.

Whether this particular plot point has anything to do with the main thread of this series is rather hard to say given this show's history thus far, but as per previous instalments it proves to be entertaining regardless of this, throwing in jokes, comedy and one-liners so fast that it's pretty much guaranteed to achieve some smiles and/or laughs, which it duly does, even if Fumiaki still manages to get some of the best moments despite not having much screen time this episode. I still imagine all this fun will have to make way for some serious handling of a forthcoming apocalypse at some point, but I suppose we'll have to see how that shakes out.


Anonymous said...

She´s a mummy of me Bristh Museum

vucubcaquix said...

The afterlife scene was very reminiscent of an advertisement by Takashi Murakami: