Thursday, 19 August 2010

HEROMAN - Episode 21

First Professor Denton, and now Holly; it seems as though the mysterious series of abductions which kicked off HEROMAN's current story arc are driving ever closer to home for Joey.

Naturally, the disappearance of his sister has left Joey in a fair amount of turmoil, to the point where he is even beginning to consider whether Will really is involved with what is going on. Surprisingly, it's Psy who backs Will, assuring Joey that he'd never be involved in such a thing, which in turn finally leads us to the tale of why Psy carries the leg injury which he does as well as why there was so much friction between himself and Will in the past. Needless to say, it's not quite what we were expecting to hear.

Thankfully for all involved, a breakthrough finally occurs when Joey stumbles across the soil samples which Professor Denton was collecting - samples which (thanks to some analysis by the NIA) quickly lead to the culprit's hideout. Joey, Psy and Heroman are sent inside to explore the mine while the NIA forces wait outside, leaving the three of them to discover what can only be described as some kind of Skrugg "hive", complete with a pair of rather tricky "security guards" which need to be dealt with. Of course, Heroman and company prevail in the end, and both Denton and Holly are rescued (along with the rest of the abductees), but it looks like that's nowhere near the end of the story...

Certainly, after a few pretty weak episodes it was nice to return to something with a bit more focus and substance, although in a way this actually felt rather rushed after spending so long on inconsequential things in recent weeks. Of course, by this juncture I wouldn't expect HEROMAN's action and plot to be anything other than pretty generic, but it works well enough while also holding back enough intrigue and mystery to keep the broader plot point ticking over nicely as we move inexorably towards the end of the series. The pieces are increasingly falling into place for a half-decent finish to the show, so let's just hope it can deliver.

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Anonymous said...

Well, next time will be angst and flashback week, so not much action, but at least we'll know what happened to Joey's parents. Now if we could just get some explanation about Heroman's nature, that would be nice.

I kinda feel like the show is either not going to wrap up properly or rush too much to fit in 26 episodes. I mean, next week is probably not going to resolve much of anything and that leaves just four episodes to deal with Will, Nick, and the promise of showdown in New York. Oh, and the coffee man from Joey's part time job (who appears in the second opening).

Thinking about it, yeah it can be done, but I'm not sure how satisfying it'll be...