Friday, 6 August 2010

Amagami SS - Episode 6

After introducing us to frizzy-haired Kaoru Tanamachi last episode (seriously, since when did that become "sex hair"?), this second instalment of her particular arc of Amagami SS finds her in contemplative mood regarding her relationship with Tachibana, although she still refuses to admit that she's in love with him.

Regardless, Kaoru's interest in romantic goings-on seems to have been fired, as she continues to get herself involved with Keiko's one sided interest with one of her class mates - A situation which escalates into Kaoru getting violent, which certainly seems to be her forte at regular intervals. This in itself indirectly leads to a discussion between Tachibana and Tanamachi which ends with the latter suggesting that the relationship between the two is in need of "a change", before... well, I'm not sure what she was trying to do, but it ends in a decidedly awkward accidental "kiss" between them. Of course, there's only one way to resolve this kind of embarrassment and tension between two people, and that's to let the guy kiss your belly button. No, really, it is, and I can only thank this anime for opening my eyes to the conflict resolution possibilities of this long-forgotten act.

That's right, as per the opening story arc with its even more ridiculous tale of back-of-knee kissing, this time around we get belly button kissing instead, which to be fair Kaoru makes slightly less of a big deal of while the whole thing seems at least a little sexier, despite being a bizarre thing to do (to your friend in a library at least). Anyhow, who am I to argue about such things, as it seems to clear the air between Kaoru and Junichi, and their relationship seems improved come the end of the episode before a moment of completely random drama pops out of the blue for no other reason than to elongate this particular story.

While I am enjoying this story arc thus far more than Haruka's (largely because the female in question this time around is at least only partially mentally unhinged), this entire series does continue to reek of dating sim clichés, from dialogue that seems to have been picked out by a random visual novel conversation generator through to the entirely random drama that I just mentioned which serves no purpose than to add a little more human interest to what would otherwise threaten to be a pretty flat story. Still, however dull the rest of the series might be, at least we can now start a sweepstake on what body parts Junichi will be kissing in the other four story arcs to come. So come on guys, place your bets!


Anonymous said...

i bet on the back, the ears, the arm and the neck. NOT sure if hands and feet will be possible.

Teeif said...

I am thinking that the 'innovation' of Amagami SS is a dead end.

I fear it has proven by example that having 5 complete story arcs in ~24 episodes is not engaging enougth.

Also: belly button, I can believe but back of knee? Never ever tried that before. Isn't it sweaty back there?