Saturday, 24 July 2010

Shiki - Episode 3

Despite introducing us to characters by the barrel-load in its first two episodes, it appears that Shiki isn't done quite yet, as this third instalment brings forth another bunch of characters to add to the ever-expanding cast.

Some of these characters are met via our following Natsuno around, as we see a decidedly odd opening sequences which suggests that there is more to him than meets the eye, before we see how one guy named Tohru Mutou somehow managed to break the barriers Natsuno had erected around himself on account of patching up a flat tyre on his bicycle a couple of times. With Natsuno struggling to sleep (I know how he feels right now), Mutou becomes something of a crutch for Natsuno, much to the displeasure of another of Mutou's friends Masao, who seems to be a bundle of problematic teenage insecurities himself.

Meanwhile, Doctor Ozaki continues to struggle with the possible "plague" sweeping through his village, which sees it claim yet another victim, while equally importantly we're also introduced to the members of the Kirishiki family who have recently moved into the European-style house on the hill, only to find that they're a decidedly oddball bunch from parents through to their children - Of particular interest is young (although she'd hate me for calling her that) Sunako, who has in turn taken an interest in the priest Muroi and his writings... indeed, she seems to know everything about him regardless of his literary talents and her ability at comprehending said literature.

So, even three episodes into this series it's still nigh-on impossible to say anything much about where Shiki is headed - It's certainly keeping its cards close to its chest while also throwing out the odd clue (or are they simply red herrings?) about various characters as it goes along. Luckily this slow, pain-staking build up is still working pretty well for the series at this point as it's had plenty of characters and circumstances available to keep things moving, aided along by the polished and stylised animation, but I'm hungry for more at this point so hopefully the revelations will start to unravel themselves pretty soon. There's certainly plenty for this show to get its teeth into now judging by what we've seen so far, it's just a case of waiting for it to get said meat between its jaws for that delicious first bite.


Anonymous said...

Masao looks exactly like a caricature of his behavior. If that's also true for the other character designs, I am not going to be impressed with the baked-in spoilers.

Gudo said...

The character designs in this anime are sooo creepy. It does get points for plot though. Should be interesting to see where it's headed - there are a lot of options right now!

Never quite sure what's going to happen next, it's like Death Note sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Here's a hint for anyone interested:

There's a very old aspect about certain beings that many, more used to modern portrays, will not know about. It's easy to be, as seen in Shiki, disguised as politeness.