Friday, 9 July 2010

Amagami SS - Episode 2

After a pretty ordinary first episode, it almost felt as though Amagami SS's Haruka Morishima had already ended - Tachibana meets Morishima, confesses to her, gets rejected by her; end of story.

Not so however, as this second episode reveals that Morishima seems to have thought nothing of her rejecting poor old Tachibana as they meet by chance at the school infirmary. Indeed, the conversation that follows brings renewed hope for our protagonist and before we know he's being led around hither and thither by the free-spirited Morishima, spending half the episode lugging around a rubbish bin for his efforts to in one of this episode's more amusing moments. Still, progress is made as Tachibana seems to be making an impression on his dream girl, despite her rather confused outlook on her type of guy and how she'd handle someone who repeatedly confessed to her.

There's not really a lot to say about this episode beyond that - As per the first instalment it's pleasant enough but the series is still yet to really make any kind of impression on me. Tachibana is an improvement on the male leads from other visual novel to anime adaptations but he still remains pretty run-of-the-mill as characters go, while Morishima is good-looking and fun in her own slightly crazy way, but that slight craziness also makes her unattractively self-centred a lot of the time, which hasn't really helped me to become engrossed in rooting for this particular relationship. Still, I suppose with story arcs covering so many different girls, it might just be a case of waiting for the one that grabs your attention, as was also the case at times with Hatsukoi Limited last year. For now though, no amount of visual polish can really detract from the fact that this has been one very ordinary anime so far.

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