Sunday, 4 July 2010

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 64 (Completed)

While this series effectively came to its conclusion with last week's instalment, we do still have one last chance to say our goodbyes and enjoy Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood to its fullest extent as it ties up various loose ends to what is hopefully a satisfactory conclusion.

In a way, some of the elements of the happy ending on show here feel a little forced, with Roy Mustang regaining his sight and Havoc (we assume) able to walk again thanks to a single, remaining Philosopher's Stone in the possession of Doctor Marcoh. The reasoning behind this is that the stone was created from the lives of Ishbalans, and it is Mustang's drive to solve that region's problems that gives him the greatest need of his eyesight - I guess it makes sense, but I'm never a fan of everything being resolved neatly just for the sake of it.

That aside, of course we're given some time to see the Elric brothers return home to a tearful reunion with Winry, before jumping forward two years to see both brothers deciding to go on new journeys to learn new things, before even tying up the romantic connection between Ed and Winry in a genuinely rather cute little scene. Awwww. Throw in the future of Selim and a grown-up May in the closing credits into the mix and you have pretty much everything covered off, with just enough room for future adventures and spin-offs if desired (and let's face it, you'd be surprised if there wasn't).

So, as we come to the end, what more can I say about this series? Yes, it started pretty poorly in terms of its pacing as it tried to rush through the events that had been covered by the original anime, but once it managed to reach its new material, lifted straight from the manga, things improved markedly, and the show simply got better and better and better from there. Come the half-way mark onwards, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has been sensational almost without fail, to create one of the absolute must-watch anime of the 21st century. While it seems harsh to dismiss BONES' original effort with this franchise, it really pales into comparison with what we have here. This is Fullmetal Alchemist, and it's everything that a superb and immensely popular anime should be. Good work guys, go have a beer on me before you start worrying about that Brotherhood movie!


Anonymous said...

Love how they timed everything perfectly. :)

Kim said...

What is weird is in the manga it did not show or mention anything about Havoc being healed by the stone (Roy yes but not Havoc). At the end of the manga there is an image of Havoc struggling to walk but I got the impression that was through his own will power not the stone.

Roy getting healed by the stone is not my favorite part of the manga but I do like the full circle feeling of it. It was a stone made from Ishvalans that Kimbley used to kill Ishvalans. Later Al uses the stone to defeat Kimbley. Now Roy (who also participated in the Ishval massacre) uses it get his eyesight back and promises to change the policy on Ishval.

Vivian said...

Well... it's over... I'm glad they didn't kiss, but the end with them having babies didn't keep me wondering -__- I like heart break rather than love, It's just me. But beautiful, I love Edward and Alphonse what a beautiful story. Cant wait to see the ending in English now, ^_^ Vics voice is so much better to meeee <3 Sad it's over, am somewhat satisfied with the ending. Wish it wasn't so clear by all the pictures though, wish they made it a definite end but with things that kept your mind wandering. Peaceful endings never really relieve my fancy... and I hate Winry---so that may have contributed to my slight disdain of the end. I hope little Mei grows taller.. so... you know... I'd like to think her and Alu got together, but ionly if she got taller and older ^^ cute. I LOVE YOU AL N ED.

Anonymous said...

@Kim: well, remember that the doctors all said Havoc's nervous system was so damaged he couldn't even use automail legs. The impression I got was that he had to have been healed by the Stone, or else even therapy would be impossible for him.

Still though, it was nice that the animated episode showed that Roy thought of him first. So yeah, you can bet I was extremely satisfied to see the scene where Breda calls up Havoc at the store.

But man... Mustang's porn-stache... what's up with that, lol. That wasn't in the manga but it's kinda funny.

Kim said...

@ Anon

I don't know about that even in real life there are cases where a Doctor says that person will never walk again and they do.

The reason I don't think the stone healed him in the manga was in that last picture he is struggling to walk. I just feel if he was healed by the stone the struggling would not be an issue.

Anonymous said...

Kim Kimblee beat Al in the fight if Hinekel and Marcoh had not been there he would have been in trouble

anyway Kimblee actually helped inspire Mustang in the Ishval thing in the manga i do not know if Mustang had a flash back to Kimblee in the anime yet as i have yet to watch it

ahchiew said...

Finally, I was able to find some time and manage to finish this series. A great one and just like the previous FMA (Or perhpas better).

Its up in my list of must watch.