Thursday, 8 July 2010

HEROMAN - Episode 15

With Psy and Professor Denton captured, Joey is left all alone in his attempted escape from government forces, and the appearance of Agent Hughes seemed to have almost certainly put paid to any chance of him making a break for freedom.

However, the good news is that Agent Hughes is, at the end of it all, a decent guy, who realises the innate goodness in Joey, his actions and intentions, and so he wants to do all he can to help Joey - Something which looks as though it should be pretty easy considering that Hughes has the ear of the President himself.

However, that is reckoning without Doctor Minami, who clearly has designs on a top job himself. This desire sees him use Agent Hughes meeting with Joey as an excuse to call him a traitor, launching his own attack upon them and taking control of the deployed NIA forces into the bargain. Hughes and Joey split up, with the latter drawing the fire and attention of the military alongside Heroman, before finding themselves up against Doctor Minami's secret weapon - An EMP device which rather unfortunately requires Minami to do something akin to the dance from YMCA before it will fire. Still, it bodes well for the HEROMAN Microsoft Kinect game...

Of course, this episode leaves us with another cliffhanger (which is then duly spoiled somewhat by the next episode preview - don't you hate it when that happens?), at the end of what has been another solid episode of HEROMAN. Once again, it can't even come close to living up to the action and excitement of tackling the Skrugg invasion, and the government conspiracy and mad scientist angles are decidedly well worn, but as per usual this show usually manages to remain pretty fun to watch.

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