Thursday, 22 July 2010

HEROMAN - Episode 17

Despite consistently asserting that it wasn't as good as the initial alien invasion arc, I actually ended up rather enjoying the past few episodes with Joey and company on the run truth be told - does that make me tsundere for HEROMAN? It's not that I'm interested or anything, you understand?!

Anyhow, with their names cleared and the whole mess with the government cleared up, it looks as though life is returning to normal for Joey and Psy... at least, it is until Professor Denton turns up with some worrying discoveries. He reveals that a string of incidents have been taking place at research facilities across the Unites States, of all which involve companies that were handling and researching equipment left by the Skrugg. This villain's next target? Center City, and more prescisely a piece of Skrugg kit Denton had left squirrelled away.

With this new danger most likely on their doorstep, the Professor decides it would be best to lure them into the school gym, which personally I'd have thought would be the worst place to lure them - how about a disused warehouse? You know, the one you were using to train Heroman in the last story arc? Anyway, the plan succeeds, only to surprise our heroes (and myself if I'm quite honest) when the face of this new threat is revealed. Just what are they doing, and why? All will be revealed in due course no doubt, although not before Miss Collins discovers Heroman...

I have to hand it to HEROMAN, I genuinely wasn't expecting this particular revelation as to the identity of the next "baddie" (and I use that term loosely, as there were some more than slightly subtle hints that they are carrying out these actions for a good reason) - I had it penned in hands-down as being Nick, but I guess that's why they don't invite me to write anime because I'd be too boring and predictable. I'd probably also do something daft like trying to follow up this episode that kicks off the story arc with a beach episode too. Oh wait...

Anyhow, this was a pretty solid start to what I'm assuming will be this show's final major storyline - it certainly has me intrigued, and this can only be a good thing for a series whose major claim to entertain is offering up mindless, action-packed fun. Beach episode or not, I'm sold for whatever happens next!


Gudo said...

Here's to the beach!

Haha, sounds like something Pokemon would do.

Definitely a promising new arc for a respectable show.

JW said...

I'm very pleased with this story arc. There are lots of ways it could go and many of them are good. I'm encouraged that they are allowing Nick to stay dead.

What is going on out of sight? Just what has Will been doing to get so buff and kick-awesome? Stay Tuned to Find Out!