Thursday, 29 July 2010

HEROMAN - Episode 18

It looked as though Joey and company were in for even more problems by the end of the previous of HEROMAN thanks to Mrs. Collins coming into contact with the show's eponymous hero - But whaddya know, she's a big fan of Heroman too! I'm starting to think there could be some kind of HEROMAN spin-off romantic comedy harem series in the pipeline here...

Anyway, after the shock of coming face to face with Will once again last episode, it's time for a little rest and relaxation for most of the shows main players courtesy of the inevitable beach episode, thus ticking off that particular requirement of any anime series, closely followed by a ghost story scene (worth watching simply for Professor Denton's insane over-reactions to said story) and later in the episode a CPR scene. All they needed was a hot springs and they could have completed their anime cliché requirements in a single instalment.

That said, things take a turn when this supposed ghost story starts to look frighteningly real, although the odd goings-on come to a head when some random guy dressed like a scientist turns out wounded on their doorstep. Before we know it all and sundry are being attacked by tentacle monsters (another Japanese anime stalwart), destroying a big chunk of the island and separating the party. Where have these weird tentacles come from, and what are they doing?

Actually, scratch those questions - should we even care? At this point I'm not entirely sure that this current incident is related to the appearance of Will last episode, and if this proves to be the case then it'll be rather frustrating that we've veered off at a tangent so quickly after starting a new story arc. Of course, this whole plot could be part of a bigger picture, and I can only hope that's the case - at this point in time though, this particular episode feels a little disjointed amidst its surroundings, and aside from a few half-decent comic moments it just didn't quite work for me somehow after kicking off the latest story arc in solid fashion last week.


Anonymous said...

This could be caused by Skrugg tech that Will hasn't been able to destroy yet. (Perhaps ManRoaches cannot swim) Thus tying in with Will's current mission and actually giving his mission some backing. Look what science has done!

JW said...

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. This is the same story arc and probably part of what Will was referring to when he told Joey that things were starting to happen that he didn't know about.

I loved the ghost story part so much that I watched it twice. It was just that funny.

Jubbz said...

I liked this episode alot. Mostly because of the comedy.

Alas, I'm curious as to what kind of alien Heroman has to fight in the preview. Apparently they encountered the source of all the tentacle monsters.