Monday, 26 July 2010

Highschool of the Dead - Episode 4

We might only be three episodes in to Highschool of the Dead as this instalment kicks off, but that doesn't stop us entering recap territory (interspersed with a couple of new scenes) for much of the first half of this episode. Of course, I suppose that's the only way we could possibly comprehend all of the subtle nuances and plot points of this incredibly highbrow show, right?

Anyhow, with that out of the way we rejoin Takashi and Rei on the day after the whole world fell apart from a zombie apocalypse as they continue to make their way forward both to check on their parents and meet up with the rest of the group from which they were separated. It soon becomes obvious that the relationship between these two are as strained as ever, but Rei proves herself to be almost brutally resourceful in looting weaponry from a couple of dead police officers (and some handcuffs? Oo-er missus) while Takashi takes the lead when it comes to refilling heir stolen moped with fuel, albeit after another argument.

However, we're quickly reminded that zombies aren't necessarily the only problem roaming the city in the ensuing chaos of current events, as Rei finds herself kidnapped and groped at knife point by some crazed thug, leading to a stand-off between himself and Takashi that all ends rather unapologetically violently.

To be fair, despite my poking fun at Highschool of the Dead for not being highbrow, it does at least work in throwing up the odd moral question here and there - Is shooting a living, non-zombie guy and leaving him to the undead hordes okay when he's a thug who tried to kidnap "your girl"? Answers on a postcard, but this series has no hesitation about allowing its major characters to become embroiled in behaviour that would be pretty questionable if society hadn't broken down. That is, of course, half the fun, and while this episode certainly didn't have the pacing, action or outright excitement of previous episodes it did once again manage to build some palpable tension during Rei and Takashi's predicament, which was suitably moody and no-holds barred. If only the remaining time available to this instalment had been used for something other than an unnecessary recap, I'd probably have been even more impressed by it, but said recap left it with little time to grab our attention beyond that single set piece.


Gudo said...

Solid episode. I agree that it's pretty lame to do a recap this early into the show, but at least it was just part of a decently intense episode.

I remember Tengen Toppa's first arc recap lasted the entire episode and it was laaaame.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Amidst the gore and brutality of this show they actually dare to censor a guy grabbing a girl's tits by blocking out almost the entire screen? What a fucked up world we live in.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe all the recapping. LOL


Hanners said...

The AT-X broadcast I watched didn't seem to censor the groping scene, not that I noticed anyway.

Mushz said...

Honestly the recapping ruined the action. Besides, there really wasn't that much - Takashi just shot some guy. Yeah, that's all that happened. No flaming zombies. No flying buses. No Busujima epic swordswomanship skills. Just Takashi filling up gas at a gas station and shooting some guy.

Why would we need a recap this early? I understand at the end of each season, and a bit iffy to every 6 episodes, but 3 episodes?! Seriously? That's less than a month.