Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Valkyria Chronicles - Episode 17

Another day, another dangerous mission for Squad 7 to embark upon - Welkin and company just don't get any lucky breaks these days, do they? Mind you, when your Militia unit has put most of the Gallian army to shame I suppose you're just asking for such difficulties.

Anyway, this seventeenth episode of Valkyria Chronicles sees the squad given just such a dangerous mission, going on the offensive against an outpost of the Empire that leaves them without anything in the way of cover. Despite this threat however, you can't help but feel that Welkin's mind is wandering elsewhere somewhat, while Alicia all but avoids speaking to him whenever possible due to the fallout from that slightly emotional climax to the last episode. Set against the backdrop of a festival to celebrate friendship and the like, there doesn't seem to be all that much goodwill to go around amongst a number of the major characters.

If you thought the ending to the last episode was upsetting, then the conclusion to this instalment will probably plunge you into depression for the next week - That was one shock ending that I really wasn't expecting, although I have no idea where it'll take the series from here or how major an impact the circumstances we see in those closing moments will have. Still, between that major surprise and the return (finally!) to some actual battlefield action in this episode, there was more to like here overall than perhaps the last couple of instalments have offered up.

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