Monday, 27 July 2009

Hetalia Axis Powers - Episode 27

Just when you thought it was safe to start taking history seriously again... Hetalia: Axis Powers is back to terrorise everything you thought you knew! I was going to say that it's almost as if it's never been away, but now I come to think of it, it has never been away.

Anyhow, episode twenty-seven of the series sees the Allies get hold of Germany's military diary, giving them a unique insight into his preparations and training; such vital information as his obsessive cleaning whenever Italy uses the kitchen, and of course Italy's complete ineptitude in the face of... well, pretty much anything really, which often ends with him being repeatedly slapped around the head or hit with sticks.

While all of this is pretty amusing in itself, the icing of the cake is Germany's own rendition of Hetalia's closing theme song, which made me laugh out loud. I'm not sure if it's going to be in place for the entire series or just this episode, but it's comedy gold - Not a bad start for the "return" of Hetalia (if you can call it that).

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Anonymous said...

Actually there are 6 Marukaite Chikkyu versions already:
Of Italy, Germany, Japan, England and recently U.S. and France.
And a lot more to come.
Some believe that there will be more than 2 seasons because of than ^_^'
Unless they change the version every 5 episodes or something.