Friday, 3 July 2009

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Season 2 - Episode 4 (aka Episode 14)

Well, I guess if KyoAni are allowed to create the exact same episode as last time with some subtle variations, then I should probably be allowed to simply link to my entry for the last episode and go grab a beer.

Quite simply, this third instalment in the "Endless Eight" story arc of the series has nothing new to bring us - Yes, new animation and costumes, but is that really what we watch The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya for? I think not. Although admittedly this basic repetition of the last episode did highlight some of that offering's good points, it does nothing to further either the story or the viewer's immersion within it (yes, this stuff has happened a lot of times - We get it), thus rendering it entirely pointless. While the last episode was a necessary repetition of much of what had gone before, there was nothing to be gained from this episode whatsoever, leaving me bored and restless aside from the tension of the final minute when we're left wondering if Kyon is going to speak up or think of something. He didn't, and The Sigh of Andy Hanley followed.

Let's just hope that KyoAni have got this pointless little charade out of their system now, and we can actually have some real progress next week. Shame on you guys, I thought you were better than this.


npal said...

You do know there are actual people who defend this whole thing, right? Yeah, I know, I couldn't believe it either, until I saw them... With people like these, Kyoani will always sell no matter what they do, as long as it's already a brand name.

Anonymous said...

i think this cycle is coming to a close, kyon almost stopped haruhi, after all, and it seemed like he felt more deja vu than the last episode (and repetition), so perhaps, now he will begin to actively fight back. (i just wish he would've told yuki to inform him earlier, instead of waiting for the mikuru catalyst.)

felicity said...

LOL @ the Sigh of Andy Hanley. Man, I don't know if I can bring myself to watch them do this again and again... KyoAni's just trolling now, haha.

shogun22 said...

According to those who read the manga/novel, it looks like they only repeated it once in the story arc.
I guess that means the arc should have ended in the 2nd "Endless 8" epsiode.
I wonder why they are stretching it in the anime version by repeating it over and over.

npal said...

Oh that's called "having faith in the fanboys to like anything they throw at them". It did work so I suppose Kyoani was right to trust their mindless drones.

Rick said...

Just watched episode 5.

So this is how purgatory feels. Sigh.