Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Basquash! - Episode 14

At long last we reach the finals of the OCB Championship with a chance to travel to the Moon at stake, but despite this all of Team Basquash's members seem somewhat preoccupied, with Sela, Iceman and Dan all finding their minds wandering elsewhere.

However, all of that is (to some extent) forgotten once the action and the much-anticipated final against King of Kings tips off, giving us rare chance to enjoy a single, pure, unadulterated episode of Basquash! focused almost singularly around the giant robot, basketball playing goodness that drew me to the series in the first place. Of course, what seems likely to be just a routine match is turned upside-down as the skies turn black and the rain begins to pour down, but even as Team Basquash struggle in these conditions, there's still one final trick left up Haruka's sleeve...

Never mind the subtleties of the plot for once, episode fourteen of Basquash! is all about the... well, the Basquash basically. And rightly so too, giving the tournament's final game the time it deserved to work as a spectacle in its own right. It proved to be a spectacular one too, with the Bigfoot animators seemingly on top form, and the addition of driving rain to the proceedings making for some great visuals. Of course, the entire thing also seemed like a great advert for Nike too but hey, that's product placement for you.

Given it's slightly unique nature, I suppose I shouldn't take this particular episode as proof of a return to form for Basquash! after some decidedly torrid weeks of late, but hopefully if nothing else it's served as a reminder of what's fun and entertaining about this show, and even the political machinations which were given some air time during this episode couldn't get in the way of the sport itself, which is exactly how it should be on this particular occasion. So, with the series aim now naturally moving towards the Moon, where next for Basquash!? Hopefully the only way is up.

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