Sunday, 26 July 2009

CANAAN - Episode 4

Three episodes in, CANAAN is safely proving to be this season's "series where I really can't figure out what's going on, but I'm enjoying it anyway" - I guess I must not be the only one, considering that it's now been announced that three movies will be derived from the series starting this October.

After Canaan and Maria parted ways in what could hardly be called a friendly manner last episode, this instalment focuses almost entirely on the fallout from that in some shape or form - While Maria locks herself away in a hotel room for much of the episode, Canaan muses on the pain of losing someone close to her once again, which in turn draws us back in time to her childhood and the training that came from it. This flashback segment shows us how Canaan was discovered hiding away in a basement, before being trained to fight and kill by a man named Siam - A man later killed despite Canaan's attempts to stop his death. So it goes that Canaan herself appears to be out for revenge for her part of the story, while Maria seems to have found herself a new (and unlikely) ally in the absence of Canaan.

Shorn of all of the intense action (or which there was only one short but admittedly impressive burst for this episode), this instalment of CANNAN was a bit of a slow-burner - The flashback to Canaan's past was both much needed and pretty well-handled, but this episode was somehow otherwise left without much of a spark to it, seemingly going through the motions without really giving us anything definitive to enjoy. Still, there's no doubting the high production qualities of this show, which at least goes some way to keeping my interest until we get back to something a bit juicier - I just hope that time comes sooner rather than later.

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