Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Basquash! - Episode 17

From the heights of the moon (or at least close to it) to the depths of Underground, the last couple of episodes have certainly seen a hefty change in fortunes for Team Basquash... Still, the good news is that it looks like Dan's made himself a new friend.

After being rescued by a mysterious Bigfoot last time around, after a quick game of Basquash we learn that this new appearance isn't actually a bigfoot at all; rather, the guy in question's name is Naviga, and he's a giant from the moon. So, we learn via Dan what Navi is doing here, and why him and others of his kind were brought to Earthdash to work - A tragic tale, but not sufficiently so to divert Dan from his sincere belief that Navi should take up playing Basquash rather than simply protecting the graves of his former friends.

Elsewhere however, there are perhaps more pressing matters at hand, not least the fact that bounty hunters aplenty are after the head of Dan. While most of these individuals would be no challenge to the team (particularly when their prey are kitted out in Bigfoots), one bounty hunter in particular is a cause for concern - A fact which Iceman Hotty would no doubt testify to as he divulges the history behind his artificial arm and leg. Turns out it was nothing to do with alchemy and human transmutation at all... Shows what I know.

While this wasn't a bad episode in itself, I'm still finding myself to be a little frustrated at yet another change in scenario and pace for the series - Although the developing plots on the moon clearly haven't been forgotten (and Eclipse do feature in this episode), we're still left to deal with this whole Underground story arc without too much of a clue as to whether it's even relevant to the mainstay of the story... I could well be wrong (it has been known), but at the moment it feels a little too much like a filler-esque distraction to me, and it's one that doesn't show any signs of finishing by the next episode. Hopefully some good can come of it in the long run, but having the moon snatched away in the manner seen in this series hasn't just been a frustration for Dan - It's equally frustrated me too. Just as it seemed like Basquash! was back to its best for a while, it seems to have sunk back into mediocrity for the time being courtesy of a story arc that simply hasn't captured my imagination.

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