Monday, 20 July 2009

Hetalia Axis Powers - Episode 26 (Completed)

It seems almost perverse to call this the completion of Hetalia: Axis Powers with a second series due to follow immediately after, but officially speaking this is indeed the final instalment.

Anyhow, it's England who gets most (if not all) of the attention this time around, largely thanks to his rivalry with America which sees him criticising a new plane design from the latter, trying to catch him out by making him sit on "Busby's chair", a chair formerly used by a murderer and supposedly haunted (it's actually a real chair by the way, on show at the Thirsk Museum here in the UK I believe), and then trying to get him drunk but failing miserably (which pretty much sums up binge drinking in this country quite nicely).

Well, it has to be said that it took a long, long time to win me over to its charms (entirely half the series, to be honest), but eventually from my initial dislike of the show I found myself rather warming to Hetalia: Axis Powers. I'd be the first to admit that it isn't the funniest thing you'll ever watch, but as the series progressed the scripts got tighter and the jokes got funnier, to the point where a handful of episodes were well, well worth watching, especially considering tyheir brief five minute running time.

Can they keep that rising standard of work up for another twenty-six episodes? I'm sure we'll be finding out very soon...

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