Sunday, 21 June 2009

Saki - Episode 12

Given that she hasn't really had much attention cast upon her, it was nice to see club captain Hisa get some time in the spotlight, and that continues to some degree in episode twelve of Saki as we take in the second half of her particular round of the qualifier.

Having said that, there isn't all that much Mahjong to be played here, with Hisa using the intimidating presence she built up in the first half of the round to good effect, effectively grinding her way through to keep Kiyosumi in the lead until the end of her portion of the match without ever really going on the attack.

Elsewhere, Nodoka's penguin gets repaired and returned to her (putting an end to my sleepless nights worrying about the fate of Etopen), and her concerns that Saki hadn't even bothered to wake up to watch her forthcoming round of the qualifier is assuaged at the last meaning, setting us up for some even more intense gameplay in the next episode. That aside, a little more of the relationship between Hisa and Mihoko is revealed (although I do worry about that girl's eye sight - Keeping one eye closed all the time can't be good for you), and Koromo's past and circumstances also have a little light cast on them.

Do I care about any of this though? Not all that much to be quite honest... Just keep on playing Mahjong so that my slightly bizarre interest in a game I don't understand can continue unabated!

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Detective Kitty said...

Honestly though, this episode did not have enough majong playing. Although I am soooooo glad that etopen has been repaired. It was very amusing how fast the butler would arrive the chianed maid puts it "disappears". Honestly this episode had no real meaning to me and I had to watch it a second time to really get myself to pay attention enough to understand what was happening.
Although that bit with Koromo's past was quite intrigueing and it was one of the few parts the I was interested in in this episode.