Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Kurokami: The Animation - Episode 22

Well, it looks like I was slightly premature when it came to labelling Kurokami's main, over-arching storyline as over - No sooner was Reishin dead, and the Masagami seemingly dead with him, than those pesky evil spirits find yet another way to come back to life.

The good news about this turn of events is that it gives us one final action packed chunk of episode, complete with literally chopping the Holy Land to bits and even more ridiculously over-blown yet ultimately enjoyable to watch events. This time the Masagami are laid to rest properly, and the world returns to normality as everybodies Tera is restored. Hurrah!

Wait.. not quite, because we still aren't done with this series. Despite defeating the Masagami, the Doppeliner system still proves itself to be in full effect, right in front of Keita's eyes no less. The cause of this? The fact that Kuro is still alive, with the Doppeliner system only really dying along with her. Of course, if Kuro dies so does Keita, leaving us with difficult decisions all around... Until the series decides to forgo all of those tough decisions and instead just make up some other stuff that doesn't even vaguely fit in with what we'd been told just five minutes earlier.

Yes, that's right, once again we have the curse of the anime cop-out rearing its ugly head (which in turn looks set to treat us to a filler episode to end the series), as the sands shift from Kuro needing to die to lift the curse of the Masagami to her jiust needing to pack her bags and go away. It makes no sense, but no major character dies, so this is apparantly "a good thing". Not to my mind it isn't it has to be said, but I guess that's why they don't get me to write scripts for these things as I'd probably cause depression rates to soar amongst anime viewers.

So, that's Kurokami done and dusted to all intents and purposes, but I'll save my final thoughts for the last episode proper and hope they don't get contaminated by what looks likely to be nothing but fluff to please the fans.

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