Friday, 5 June 2009

K-ON! - Episode 10

It's the Summer break once again for the girls, which also means that it's time for the light music club's second training camp... Actually, I suppose I should put that "training camp" in inverted commas, as training is hardly high on the agenda when it comes to this lot.

Naturally, this lack of focus causes Azusa some consternation, matched only be her amazement at the levels of Tsugumi's family wealth (which now appears to extend to butlers and private ships), but once the girls hit the beach it seems that Azusa is the one that has the best time - She certainly manages to snag a tan unlike the others.

So, all in all the camp is a learning experience for the light music club's newcomer, but not in the way she expects, as she learns little musically but plenty about the characters of her new-found friend - That means that we still don't really get to see much of the girls actually playing their instruments (to my eternal chagrin), but by the same measure it makes for another light, fluffy and fun episode of the kind that makes you wish that you were there and that you knew characters like these... Which is pretty much the point of K-ON! when it comes down to it. Bonus points should also be awarded for the best use of cabbage in comic situations during this episode, although to be fair all in all it had a few laugh-worthy moments to keep up this series reputation as being nothing but eminently watchable.


Anonymous said...

i agree, it's cute, but where's the music?? isnt this an anime about the light MUSIC club? not the light fool around club. i really like tis series, but it's just not living up to my expectation. I thought it was going to be about the light music club, and their rise in popularity, until they become a famous band. maybe thats to come but, since there wasn't even one music scene in this episode i am nervous about the future of this series.

Hanners said...

I feel your pain to a certain degree - I want to see more of the girls actually playing and making music, and it's almost perverse the way the show cuts away from them every time they pick up an instrument.

Having said that, the series is following the manga pretty closely, and the manga also focuses on the "slice of life" side of things over the music itself.