Friday, 19 June 2009

K-ON! - Episode 12

As we reach the final "proper" episode of K-ON! (next week's bonus episode aside), so we also reach yet another school festival, meaning another big performance for the light music club now officially known as After School Teatime. However, illness continues to deprive the club of an important member when it comes to rehearsing for the big day.

After Ritsu's absence last time, now it's Yui who is suffering in bed with a cold (although she does at least benefit with feverish dreams of delicious eyebrows by way of compensation), and with the festival only days away there's concern as to whether she'll be fit and healthy again in time. Thankfully, such worries seem short-lived as Yui turns up at the club that very day... But what's this? A Yui who can play the guitar flawlessly? Methinks there's an imposter afoot.

With Ui's identity revealed, the actual Yui staggers through the door, but still too ill to play - Thus, she begins her race against time to be ready for the big show, and I'm sure it isn't too much of a spoiler to say that she makes it, albeit after one more obstacle in her path.

This was always going to be a pretty saccharine episode I suppose, and thus this episode didn't disappoint, really pumping up the importance of the girls friendship to their musical dynamic and in turn helping to remind us why they're such a lovable bunch. We actually got rather more by way of seeing the girls actually playing at the gig this time too, for which I have to finally give KyoAni some kudos after complaining about it for most of the series. This may have not been a laugh out loud finale from beginning to end (although it did have a couple of great comic moments), preferring instead to simply be cute and sweet.... to be honest though, that's the target that K-ON! has been aiming for all along.

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