Sunday, 14 June 2009

Saki - Episode 11

We haven't really seen anything much of the club president Hisa in terms of actually playing Mahjong, but this episode makes up for that deficiency in spades, featuring as it does her attempts to overturn the deficit currently facing Kiyosumi in their qualifying match.

First and foremost, this means that we get to find out about her playing style, which is a mix of logic topped with a hefty dose of what seems to be utter superstition, picking some of her moves at what would normally be the worst possible time in each hand. Superstition, super power or whatever, this confusing style of play wreaks havoc with her opponents, and before we know it (and at the half-way point in her particular round) Kiyosumihave jumped from last place on the leaderboard to first. Not bad going, all things considered.

Meanwhile, much ado is building up over Etopen, Nodoka's cute, fat penguin mascot who was snatched from her while she napped and is now doing the rounds passing from hand to hand in some kind of flightless bird equivalent of pass the parcel. This insanity soon takes on an even more serious air, as an argument over poor old Etopen leaves him sans a wing. Disaster!

So, once again I find myself cheering along this series simply on the basis of its oddly compelling Mahjong action - Thankfully, Hisa's "special power" seems somehow in the realms of believability which also assuages any irritation I may have with such things, leaving me to really rather enjoy this episode. With a few more little flashbacks into the background behind some of the characters, there's really nothing I can complain about in this episode, although I swear that Nodoka's shirt has somehow shrunk since she started her nap last episode - Does she really grow that quickly?

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Detective Kitty said...

lol. Yes I also noticed that her shirt got shorter. Probably a mistake by the anime artits, but putting that aside. I agree that this episode was one of the more fullfilling episodes in the series. with a perfect blend between mahjong playing and an outside conflict created by jealousy and a stuffed animal.

I also rather like Hisa's "power" but I don't really consider it a "power" it is, in a sense, just plain logic. She's just absolutely amazing at reading other players. She can basically predict what they are going to do next or what hands they are going for and stop them from achieving their goals. In no way do I see this as a power just more like an ability to analiyze the minds of others in a split second. Just think how amazing she must be in academics, I mean she was the middle school president so she has to be good in academics too. Her intellect is just helping her play mahjong in a fascinatingly well-planned and well-played way.