Monday, 29 June 2009

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 13

After receiving a "unique" welcome from their teacher last episode, it looks as though the Elric brothers confession that they attempted human transmutation is likely to put an end to the aforementioned reunioin, as Izumi expels her pupils and sends them home. However, with a little prompting, they soon remember what they came to Dublith for and realise what they need to do, and it isn't long before that particular relationship is restore.

Izumi's advice to help the brothers regain their original bodies is to look deeper inside Alphonse's memories, as they most likely hold the key to the "truth" of alchemy that Ed and his teacher both saw glimpses of.

It seems that they aren't the only ones with that idea though, as the brothers find themselves under the watchful eye of some distinctly interesting characters - Namely Greed, a Homonculus, and his band of Chimera followers. This group set out (and succeed) first at capturing Al, before luring Ed to their den in the hopes of finding out the secrets he holds regarding the transfer of a human soul between objects. Needless to say Edward is none too forthcoming with this information, and despite the danger to both himself and his brother he engages in what is one of the more spectacular fight sequences to come out of this series so far, with Edward taking on Greed despite the latter's regenerative abilities and a handy side-line in "armour" of his own.

With the introduction of Greed comes the beginning of a pretty major story arc, and although the plot progression comes thick and fast in this instalment it never runs away with itself - Indeed, the pacing of the episode works nigh-on perfectly to offer up an action-packed instalment with a natural focus on the Elric brothers, but not without neglecting the progress of either Scar or Roy Mustang. The only real disappointment here is the animation quality, which seemed to take a pretty major dive in places, but that aside this proved to be a most entertaining episode, even if we're a week or two away from some truly new storylines as Brotherhood finally looks to depart from the original TV series and follow the paths laid by the manga.

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